when im in a bad mood i make comics about things that i hate

The main things that pisses me off is “I don’t have to educate you about thing I’m mad you don’t know”

Like that’s great that you sprung fully formed from the womb with such enlightened opinions and worldly knowledge, and you knew all about trans native american culture or how up until MLK came around blacks in the south lived under terrorism or the exact statistics on how many lgbt teens got kicked out of their homes last year, that totally gives you the right to yell at anyone who doesn’t know everything you do but not telling them why, you Angel you

"Engaging in friendly debate about whether or not a person is REALLY entitled to all those human rights everyone’s always up in arms about." Yeah, no. It may seem fun and friendly to you, and it sure as hell can be for me on occasion, but to the people whose basic humanity is on the line it’s not quite as ‘friendly’ for them. No one who thinks "transgendered persons are mentally ill" or "it’s just a fact that black people aren’t as smart as white people" is capable of ‘friendly debate.’ It’s not up to privileged persons to decide exactly where and when and how non-privileged ones get to defend their basics rights as people. I don’t get to tell nobody how to do their business unless it’s actually causing harm to people. Guess what! People asking you not to treat them like a living supercomputer and personal library of any issue you’ve deigned to acknowledge the existence of doesn’t really hurt you in any tangible way.

Do you know why people say it’s not their job to educate you? Because A: It’s not, that responsibility falls squarely upon your own shoulders, and B: Half the people who beg to be educated have no intention of learning a goddamned thing and then go off and make half-cocked moronic comics that stay as generic and non-specific as possible about fictional people who didn’t actually exist. There’s THOUSANDS of places to go and learn about social issues. Even on Tumblr. AMAZING places that will teach you SERIOUS SHIT. Medieval POC, Brute Reason, Freethought Blogs, Skepchick, Laci Green, and dozens of others are great places to go and learn a little something something. It takes tremendous effort and energy and knowledge to maintain excellent resources like these. Asking that every rando Tumblr person be a master course on Race in the United States is putting the RESPONSIBILITY OF LEARNING OFF OF YOURSELF. Don’t EXPECT others to teach you.

Some people are GREAT TEACHERS. That’s an exception, not a rule. Cherish people who’ve got the time and mental energy and wisdom to give dumbasses like me the time of day.

Look, do some Tumblr folks act kinda terrible when approached about Social Justice issues? Yeah, sure. Wish I actually encountered people like that instead of second-hand stories from people who seem to fundamentally misunderstand the issues to begin with.

And fuck off with the “you’re doing the EXACT SAME THING!!!!!” No. No shut up. Eat a poop. A whole poop. Rude Tumblrites and Oppressive Social Standards Propped Up With Violence and Centuries of Ignorance DO NOT GET TO HAVE AN EQUALS SIGN BETWEEN THEM. THEY GET AN EQUALS A BACKSLASH AND ANOTHER EQUAL SIGN… ALSO KNOWN AS A NOT EQUALS SIGN. If you don’t know how to MAKE a not equals sign on a keyboard. Like me.

Nobody owes you their time or their expertise to teach our dumb asses. A lot of that responsibility falls on ourselves. Nobody needs to made to spend every waking moment of their lives explaining that they’re a real human being with needs and feelings to some turd who’s just going to spin around and talk about how RUDE MINORITIES ARE THE REAL PROBLEM. Nobody needs after THAT rigamarole those same people explaining how ‘maybe if you said things that didn’t make upset I’d accept the things you need to tell me.’ Fuck that. If you’re going to throw away a message about respecting human beings who are stepped on by our whole goddamned society because they were a little salty, then lie down. Lie down on the floor and stay there forever. Because that’s bullshit. Bullshit and you know it, comic-maker-person.

Insert a dude giving you the double deuce, here.

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    As a white cis male, getting yelled at on Tumblr is exactly like getting punched in the face because i am a giant baby...
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    The reason I got so mad at this was because there are a ton of great educators everywhere on this sit and others! People...
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    Actually my favorite part of all the kerfluffle over this is in the long drawn out arguments, most of the people...
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    "Aren’t you doing exactly what your oppressors do to you?" Lol yeah totally. This just in: "social justice" is the new...
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    I maw as in the same basic concept “oh look at me so kawaii OH SHOT LOOK SJW WEH WEH”
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    If you dislike people getting mad at you for not educating yourselves, you could, I don’t know…educate yourselves…?
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    So, bottom line: They’re wrong, you won’t tell them why, and you expect them to agree and care about what you have to...
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